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Automotive and aviation industry to offer new opportunities for the development of CNC machine tools

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    CNC machine tools has become the mainstream consumer , NC machine tool consumption in 2015 will more than 6 billion U.S. dollars , number of units will be more than 100,000 units. The rapid development of the automotive industry for the development of the machine tool industry provides a rare opportunity . Expected by 2020, China's automobile production will reach 18 million , the state requires vehicle manufacturers will have the required 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools from China . Experts believe that the next 10 years China's development of the domestic automotive equipment is the best and final period of strategic opportunities .
The development of the aviation industry but also for CNC machine tools provide opportunities for development, but due to the shape of the complex structure of aviation products, parts , materials, varied, demanding precision machining , CNC machine tool equipment made ​​the following demands :
A demand for high-speed , efficient CNC equipment : In aviation parts machining, high speed machining large number of applications being present, high-speed processing of cutting speed is 5 to 10 times that of conventional cutting , high speed milling machining aerospace parts fitted on site equipment spindle speed has reached 24000r/min. High-speed cutting , the first high- speed, that is, high spindle speeds , on the other hand , it should be a high feed rate , in order to improve efficiency, the machine also has a fast-moving , quick change , high spindle acceleration and feed acceleration , high-speed machining technology is the structure and materials of CNC machine tools , machine tool design and manufacturing technology , high-speed spindle system , rapid feed systems , high-performance CNC control systems are put forward higher requirements. CNC machine tool manufacturers in the premise of ensuring the machining accuracy , improve machine cutting speed is a direction to adapt aviation parts processing .
2 demand for versatile multi-axis CNC machining centers : With improved aircraft flight performance of the product of modern aviation parts machining accuracy requirements are progressively stringent accuracy error of complex surface shape from the early ± (0.15 ~ 0.3) mm has been increased to ± (0.08 ~ 0.12) mm, the surface roughness was increased from Ra6.4 ~ 1.6 to Ra1.6 ~ 0.8. For the beam to the wing , fuselage frames , ribs and panels as a typical representative of airframe structural components, as well as receiver, blisks , blades and shafts, disc as a typical representative of the aviation engine parts , both to ensure that parts surface quality , but also to ensure the accuracy of the position and shape precision machining of these parts , generally require a loaded card , locate a molding process , only the multi-axis machining centers, in order to meet the above requirements . At the moment, demand for aviation parts , five-axis CNC milling and CNC machine tools with a five-axis control , turntable equipment for composite structures increase .
3 CNC machine tools to meet the needs of the development of information technology : With the development of CAD, CAPP, CAM and other information technologies , to improve processing efficiency , many companies have set up centers CNC programming , data transfer, modular design and processing technology group CNC machine tools for hardware design put forward higher requirements, in addition , because of Aeronautical Materials mostly precious metals or composite materials, virtual machining technology will be further applied , the so-called virtual machining technology is in the part geometry , material a physical performance , the process of cutting parameters and processing of physical processes ( subject to deformation , thermal deformation , etc.) on the basis of a comprehensive physical modeling , numerical simulation using computer technology and processing the results of the dynamics of the process of a comprehensive analysis of the actual emerging technologies. It CNC machine hardware and software put forward higher requirements, the requirements in accordance with the actual situation of NC machine tools with NC code driven virtual machining environment virtual NC machine tool machining , it can describe the real trajectory of the tool to complete collision , interference checking , but also vividly describes the shape and position error after processing the workpiece geometry error and surface roughness properties , and virtual design parts and finished parts are compared , such as precision parts can not meet the design requirements of the process can be parameters ( feed rate, cutting , etc. ) or the workpiece chucking ways to adjust to improve , if necessary, can also be part of the structural design improvement , to improve its workability.
Precision aviation parts , high reliability requirements of CNC machine tools to promote the improvement of manufacturing technology , the development of CNC machining technology has also advanced the aviation industry 's progress.

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