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Troubleshooting for Vinyl Cutter about Commom Fault

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Troubleshooting for Vinyl Cuuter

1. Why the letter is deform or incomplete?
1. Blade tip too long , cutting force too hightoo dirty the plateleft sticker residue,or sticker too soft.
2. Software setting is incorrect.For exampletool compensation function is open and the value is too high.
3. Metal roller screw or motor gear loosemetal roller or carriage can't move along the motor and cause deformation.
4. Letter is only incomplete, usually is the close compensation value too low.
2. Why machine draw abnormally?
1 .Software setting improperlyselect correct command set in plotter typeselect DMPL / HPGL command set); If the file format is a
little largeand need to open tool compensation you need to tick the delay output selection for 10 milliseconds.
2. File has been interrupted while signal transmitting.
3. Plotter software is damage or virus in the computer.
4. Wireless station or other power tool nearby will cause interference.parallel transmission is sensitive to this interference, we
recommend using serial port to transmit.
5. Adopt unsuitable voltage-stabilized source, like household breaker type regulated power supplyit will generate severs interference
in relay on-off moment, bring error to communication data.
6. Chips on the motherboard are damage.
3. Why machine run out of position?
1 .Vinyl do not place in positionif 60cm width vinyl deviate 0.6mmevery 5 meter it will has a 5mm deviation.
2.Too dirty the plate and left vinyl residuethe friction is uneven on each side of the plotter, it finally result in deviation.
3.Pinch roller pressure is a little lowvinyl is easy to deviate by external force.
4.Uneven pressure among the left and right pinch roller.
5. Motor miss step cause deviation.
6.Chip A4975SBT over heat results in miss-step.
4. Why motor run miss-step?
1. Material is thick and high strengththe plotter motor power is not strong enough to drive it.
2.Control driver IC chip is abnormal and cause motor miss-step.
3.Knurling is dirty or left grease film on the surface which cause small friction coefficient between material and metal roller finally result
in miss-step.
5. Why machine cut irregularly, somewhere is off the backing layer, but somewhere is still not cut?
1. Strip has been carved to a grooveor new strip is uneven and form a slope.
2. Guide rail parallelism is in difference.
3. The protruding length of the blade tip is incorrect. Right wayadjust the tip length to 2/3 of vinyl thickness, make sure not cut the
backing layer with big pressurethen lower the pressure to ensure all area will be cut well.
6. How to check the pattern quality during the cutting process.
Step: press “offline” keyyellow indicator bright), cutting process pausepress “▼ ” key to observe the Pattern by move the metal
roller. Press “offline” againyellow indicator go out), vinyl and carriage will back to the position and go on cutting.
7. Want to recut the pattern one more time, but when startup the repeat function, vinyl move forward a letter length?
Reason: Cancel automatic feed function, it can start at the previous place.
8. Why some letter cut indistinct and the corner is messy?
1. Blade tip extend too long.
2. There is impurity in the blade holderblade can't rotate flexible in the holder, messy corner will appear.
3. Tool compensation too high in Artcut software.
9. Why 3 indicator light on the control panel bright persistently?
1 .Chips on motherboard broken.
2. CQ24.000 crystal oscillator broken.
3. Drive chip broken.
10. Why the carriage bracket do not lift up when turn on the power?
1 .TIP122 audion ,TIP127 audion,LM324N/TL084CN audion broken.
2. Circuit between carriage and motherboard do not work.
3. Carriage wire damage.
11. When turn on the power, 3 light on the control panel do not flash, only bottom fan work?
Reason5V power do not inputwire maybe damage.
12. When start the machine, the LCD is light up but no letters shows?
Reason:wire between LCD and motherboard maybe broken.
13. When turn on the power, carriage do not resetor carriage/metal roller move with unusual noise.
1 . Chip
2. X axis or Y axis motor breakdown.
14. When turn on the power, bottom fan do not work and machine do not act?
Reasoncheck fuse first if it is ok, that maybe result of power supply failure

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