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China National Heavy Duty CNC machine tools development and achievements

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    The past two years , the development of China's fastest growing heavy-duty CNC machine tools , such as heavy-duty CNC gantry milling machine , heavy duty floor milling machine , heavy duty vertical and horizontal lathes and other annual production and market consumption has been ranked first in the world . From the international market, relatively heavy machine is not highly competitive field , this economic situation makes heavy domestic machine tool companies in a number of products on the market to achieve a smooth import substitution.
( 1 ) heavy-duty machining center is the development trend of high-power , high torque , high- complex and complex bore surface processing capacity. Look around the world , representing the highest level of heavy machining center is Germany WALDRICH Coburg company's products, a machine used is the North German WALDRICH Coburg technology. Heath (SCHIESS) compared with Coburg machine , both in power, torque , roughly equal size , but Heath 's high spindle speed , to maintain good accuracy , technically belong to the world leading level . Compared with other domestic and foreign products, foreign heavy cutting ability, high precision, and has many technical advantages, such as beam processing profiling technology , Z -axis ram length compensation technology , the X-axis gantry frame mobile dual motors, three motor even four synchronous motor technology.
( 2 ) Boring and Milling domestic manufacturers are: Kunming Machine Tool Plant , Qiqihar Machine Tool Plant, Jinan Second Machine Tool Plant , Wuhan and other heavy machinery . Boring and Milling foreign manufacturers are: PAMA Italy , Germany Heath , Italy INNSE BERARDI company , Czech SKODA companies. HORIMASTER HM3 specifications except Kunming Machine Tool Factory rolling sliding composite rails, the Czech Republic and Machine Co., Ltd. adopts linear guide rail , the other major manufacturers are mostly hydrostatic rail structure , static technology is relatively mature , HORIMASTER HM5 addition to Kunming machine Tool Plant rolling slide composite rail , the rest are hydrostatic guideway . HIP technology in the field of high precision heavy machine is widely used , the advantage of the whole machine stability and rigidity, the disadvantage is the relatively high cost and difficulty of manufacturing . In addition, the structure of the market from the main use of the ram and spindle used in conjunction to increase the scope and function of the processing needs of the machine.
( 3 ) mobile and desktop CNC gantry milling machining center main foreign manufacturers have Coburg, Germany , Italy皮特卡纳奇, American guitar roots, Germany Salman companies, these companies have years of experience in the production of major type of machine . China is still the early stages of research and development , technology is not mature enough . At present , the domestic machine tool there are varying degrees of low bearing capacity , high accuracy , low load and other shortcomings, can not fully meet the overall needs of national development , especially in the military, aerospace and other industries is the need for such high-end products to support . Can be freely combined linear coordinates and the coordinates of the circle turning, boring and milling , but also, according to the requirements of users with varying degrees of automation configuration through reliable performance accessories. Machine tools and accessories geometric space size can be customized according to the processing requirements of the design .
( 4 ) Heavy Duty CNC lathes and milling CNC Single Column Vertical Lathe is moving heavy weapons as the key equipment for processing the Three Gorges Project turbines , representing the production capacity and the level of super- heavy machine , marking China's independent intellectual property products reach the world advanced level, one of the few ultra- heavy machine supplier, but also for the design and manufacture of more complex milling machine car series laid the foundation. In addition, the design and manufacture of Qiqihar Heavy CNC horizontal lathe CNC heavy duty equipment for the Three Gorges Project provides Harbin Electrical Machinery Plant , processing diameter of 4.3m, machining length 18m, maximum load 250t, the machine can automatically measure the workpiece , the machine knife. In the processing of the Three Gorges turbine rotor unit , a fixture workpieces weighing up to 200t to complete the entire workpiece machining . The successful development of the machine tool , heavy duty horizontal lathe manufacturing capabilities marks a new level .
Rapid development of heavy-duty machine reflects China's power , shipbuilding , petrochemical and mining and other heavy equipment manufacturing large demand for direct pull . Ssangyong number of new products such as CNC milling machine door , gantry milling machine tools, moving beam milling convertible exchangeable table pentahedral gantry machining centers, successfully developed ; key technologies, such as hydrostatic guideways and hydrostatic bearing technology synchronous control and motion compensation technology , five-axis technology , power and heavy double swing angle milling rotary table technology research breakthroughs have marked the development of China's heavy machine reach new heights.
Beijing First Machine Tool Plant began manufacturing the single largest domestic output ( 87 million yuan / unit) of super-heavy CNC gantry milling machine , the current number of the world 's most ultra- heavy machine tools have been put into research and development, will lead our country into the world of heavy machine manufacturing power columns.
Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group made ​​XKD Ssangyong door super heavy-duty CNC milling machine and put their own use . The machine is mobile Ssangyong door , four milling head , gantry width 6.8m, processing length 57m. Ssangyong door mobile 4 Head structure is a domestic initiative.
Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Co., a successful trial BVDM315 × 5MC vertical milling and drilling centers, the machine uses double-column gantry frame structure, double 24 double turret magazine , the center spindle water features , speed reaches 5000r/min, hydrostatic guideway rotary table C -axis function , table diameter 3150mm, positioning accuracy of 5 ", the maximum machining diameter 3 150mm, workpiece weight 20t, the machine used for large wind power bearing processing , to fill the gaps .
Qiqihar Machine Tool Group company successful trial XK2127 moving beam axis CNC gantry type milling machines . The machine uses a long span reload Ball and auxiliary devices , automatic switching device attachment , spindle clamp knife floating device , hydraulic proportional balance beams and other new technologies , table 8000mm × 3000mm, spindle speed 5 ~ 2000r/min, servo motor power 24kW, multi-axis control can be achieved , five-axis .
Shenyang Machine Tool ( Group ) Co., Ltd. successfully developed GMC2060u overhead gantry axis machining center . Machine -driven X-directional bi-directional synchronization control and adjustment technology , five-axis error compensation technology , the overall structure and topology optimization tools to achieve a breakthrough , some progress in high-speed , high precision and high stiffness . Machine parameters : X × Y × Z: 6300mm × 2500mm × 1000mm; spindle speed 240 ~ 24000r/min, fast-moving 30m/min, A -axis +95 ° ~ 110 °, C axis ± 360 °. The machine is widely used in the military-industrial complex .
Dalian Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. made ​​VX32 ~ 60 moving beam bench convertible exchangeable head pentahedral gantry machining center , table length 2000 ~ 12000mm, width 1600 ~ 3000mm, load 30t, X × Y × Z: 7600mm × 4700mm × 1000mm, rolling linear guide, spindle and CNC milling double pendulum angle . Machine design and manufacturing technology in the key breakthroughs .
Qin Chuan Machine Tool Group in 2008 to develop a car VTM260 gantry milling machining center , with seven five axis machine features a high degree of complex , can achieve a fixture car , boring and milling , drilling , tapping and threading and other functions. Table diameter 2600mm, maximum turning diameter 3600mm, turning the main motor power 90kW, bench car speed 1 ~ 100r/min, bench milling speed 0 ~ 2r/min, milling spindle motor power 37kW, spindle speed 1500r/min, C -axis positioning accuracy of 20 . "
Domestic heavy machine product technology has matured , the gap with foreign advanced technology level is gradually reduced, but also the breakthrough in China's high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tools production bottlenecks , breaking the monopoly of the Western countries and constraints to meet the needs of national security and national economic construction. Domestic manufacturing capacity has entered the world , and foreign manufacturers of heavy machine manufacturing capacity is being eroded. We want to assume national key projects as an opportunity to develop high-grade heavy-duty CNC machine tools to meet market demand for the domestic heavy-duty CNC machine tools to make greater contributions .

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