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China's machine tool production in NC NC rate increase to maintain a high level of

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    April 2010 , China's CNC machine parts to further enhance production growth . Run the machine tool industry data showed that CNC machine output growth in April reached 66 %, higher than the level of 62% in March , the industry growth rate further. From the production in absolute terms , April data machine production reached 17,000 units , up from 15,000 units in March , indicating rising demand for machine tools .
NC rate fell slightly . April , with the CNC machine tool production continues to expand, making China CNC machine tool industry rates continue rising, China's machine tool industry in April of NC was 27.5 %, compared with a slight decline of 0.5% in March , remained at high levels . However, the level of about 70% compared with the developed countries , still has a large room for improvement.
Downstream drivers remain strong. April , China's automobile production reached 1.6 million , down from March , but still maintain a high level. Recently, the major automobile manufacturers seeking to expand their production capacity, which improve the machine tool industry boom needs to lay a solid foundation .
The main raw materials run low . In steel , for example, China's steel prices since July 2008 reached a high point in 2009, continued to run at low into 2010, steel prices still remain at a low price , which effectively extends the machine tool industry 's profit margins .

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