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Shenyang Machine Tool building three years to build a comprehensive information network

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    Enterprises directly under the Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. , is China 's largest integrated manufacturer of lathes and CNC machine tools to develop a national manufacturing base . Shenyang Machine Tool since 1981 to introduce the first set of MRP Ⅱ software , the Chinese ERP market has gone through ERP implementation era of 1990 to 1997 , ERP era from 1997 to 2004 the growth of the popularity of ERP era and after 2004 . Shenyang Machine Tool is a Chinese enterprise informatization construction pioneer and model. Through forward-looking information construction, Shenyang Machine Tool in an enterprise transformation process quickly and successfully completed their transition , and in the wave of market economy achieved rapid development.
Currently, Shenyang Machine Tool has specialized pattern established by modern parts processing, Department equipment, assembly, painting and packaging 20 workshops, craft tools, equipment strength in the domestic industry with the advanced level ; factory has subordinates II Institute of Technology - Turning Shenyang Institute of technology offices and technology office, Metrology and Inspection Department , etc., very strong R & D capabilities . Factory products are mainly divided into CNC machine tools, machine tools, general machine three categories , CKS series , CKH series , CAK Series CNC lathes and CNC vertical lathe TAC majority of users , such as reputation, which CAK Series CNC lathes in 1997 was named the Chinese machinery industry brand .
Over the years , the factory has the responsibility to equip Chinese companies , so far as the domestic manufacturing sector provided a total of more than 20 million alloy cutting tools, CNC machine tools are being developed towards the construction of China 's manufacturing base target striding forward.
MRP initial 20 years of exploration
October 1978 , the then director of the Shenyang Machine Tool Plant Shen Chang proposed to use the same computer management transformation factory management , the proposed introduction of a foreign information management system , and in April 1979 and September twice invited the German mechanical engineer Professional Association of visit , to discuss the introduction of management techniques and management software and development issues , and to determine the intention of cooperation MRP Ⅱ .
April 1981 , with the availability of funds , the Shenyang Machine Tool Plant bought a IBM4331 computer , Shenyang First Machine Tool Plant computer program to determine the production management system , the project is also to be included in the "Plan research programs ." Shenyang Machine Tool Plant shouldering a glorious mission , began the long journey of the enterprise information construction .
In 1984, the Shenyang Machine Tool imported from Germany through the acceptance of management information systems , which is an example of China's manufacturing industry in the first information technology integration in enterprise management applications. Chinese enterprises in ERP system application for the construction of enterprise information represented waging like years of exploration , the Shenyang Machine Tool is known as the first dare to eat crab.
In 1985, eight companies to catch up with the Department of Mechanical support the purchase of new equipment , the Shenyang Machine Tool then raised 3.8 million yuan of funds , replaced the old IBM4331 IBM4381. Period from 1986 to 1990 years , the introduction of the Shenyang Machine Tool system was finished, and the various aspects of plant management are made ​​up.
In 1994, the government requires the integration of the region Shenyang machine tool industry , the establishment of Shenyang Machine Tool Group , which was incorporated into the first machine tool plant ; Group's core business Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in 1996 to market. After that, Machine Tool Group got $ 121 million World Bank loan , intended for transformation . This is too long a wait for the funds , Machine Tool Group spent a lot of reason together . Group has invested more than 200 million U.S. two consulting firms hired to do consulting , ERP project and the tender in 2001.

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