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China's machine tool industry contrarian growth still needs to accelerate structural adjustment

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    Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing held a " high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" major science and technology ( hereinafter referred to as " special CNC machine tools " ) to implement the mobilization meeting for the further development of China's machine tool industry has injected new impetus. It is reported that in 2009 a total of CNC machine tools, special arrangements subject 194 , the total funds 7.271 billion yuan , of which the central government invested 1.623 billion yuan , local matching and 5.648 billion yuan raised by the enterprise . Currently , the central government began funding has issued . Specific research projects CNC machine is not a general sense , but rather a systematic project at the national level . To continue the implementation of special 2020 , the central government , local governments and businesses of the total investment is expected to reach tens of billions.
As we all know , CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment is the equipment manufacturing industry , " industrial machine tools ," basic, general and strategic characteristics . It is not only the cornerstone of industrial modernization and the development of the defense industry to protect critical equipment , but also support the development of high-tech industry , it is the entry point for the development of strategic new industries .
Although 2009 is the Chinese machine tool industry for eight consecutive years of rapid development of the most difficult year, but China 's machine tool industry does not make people disappointed exciting to produce a transcript , on the international stage can be described as thriving. 2009 industry total industrial output value of 401.42 billion yuan , an increase of 16.1%. In contrast , foreign machine tool industry into recession , machine tool production and sales were down 30% -50% . Summing up the past , there are two reassuring : first , innovation and remarkable achievements . A number of high-speed, precision, complex , multi-axis CNC machine tools, as well as a number of large size, large tonnage CNC machine tools new products enter the market, especially the rapid development of heavy metal cutting machine tools , development and manufacture of the world's largest CNC vertical milling 28m lathes, turning diameter 5m, load 500t CNC horizontal lathe , 10.5m composite overhead gantry CNC machine tools, CNC boring bar diameter of 320mm boring and Milling , Grinding roll diameter 2500mm , high-performance CNC forging equipment caused an international counterparts great concern. Second, the product structure and industrial structure adjustment made ​​great progress. 2009 CNC metal processing machine tool output value was 52.0% , an increase of 3.4 percentage points. Metal cutting machine tools and CNC metal cutting machine tools the average price was 19.5 yuan and 406,000 yuan , respectively, compared with 21.9 percent in 2008 to enhance and 8.8%.
Despite China 's machine tool industry has been impressive, but we should clearly see , there is a big gap compared with developed countries , high-end products are also competitive. More importantly , accelerate structural adjustment of China's machine tool industry has become the urgent requirements of the international financial crisis Forced under . As China's machine tool output value ranked first in the world , it is still the world's first importer of machine tools , high-end CNC machine tools mainly rely on imports ; China has a more complete industrial chain, but high-end CNC system and features mainly from overseas ; China's machine tool manufacturing the number of the world's first factory , but the lack of well-known multinational corporations and world-class "fine , special, special" little giant enterprises ; China exports a lot of "two high and one capital" , and then import those products manufactured exports high-end products . These indicate that accelerate industrial and product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading , China's machine tool industry has become an urgent task .
2010 was China's machine tool industry continues to cope with the international financial crisis and maintain stable and rapid economic development , and accelerating the transformation of economic development of the year, is the full realization of the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan objectives for the " five-second" period of development fight good basis for an important year . With the improvement of China 's economic development environment , with the industrial implementation of CNC machine tools and special equipment manufacturing and other adjustments to implement the revitalization plan , the development of China's machine tool industry will be opportunities for more and more power will become increasingly strong. Will be held in the Sixth China CNC Machine Tool Fair booth shortage of hot situation indicates that the future is more " prosperous " is .

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