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Auto parts machining machine tool industry should closely follow the policy and development

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    Affected by the global financial crisis , in 2008 China's automobile production and sales before the end of six consecutive years of sustained double-digit growth momentum , car production increased by 5.21% , car sales growth of only 6.7% , respectively, compared with the same period last year dropped 16.81 percent and 15.14 percent.
Benefited from the country , " the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" of the measures implemented in early 2009 , China's auto market began to recover rapidly , showing an unprecedented rapid development of the situation, the huge potential of China's auto market has been fully reflected.
2009 January to September , China's auto output up to 9,612,700 , sales reached 9,662,700 , an increase of 32.01% and 34.24% , respectively, over the year 2008 267 600 and 282 200 . Looking at current trends , if nothing unexpected happens , 2010 will be China's automobile production and sales both over 13 million , a veritable car sales power. As an important pillar industry of the national economy , the automobile industry a leading role in economic and social development will continue to be fully realized.
By national policy support, the performance of the passenger car market from January to September 2009, 1.6 liters less displacement of outstanding cumulative sales accounted for 70% of total passenger car sales , market share is the highest ever , the overall car market sales speed contribution to the growth of credit. Small cars is growing into the mainstream of China 's auto market , which also explains the restructuring of the auto industry has made great achievements . According to statistics , in 2009 the first three quarters , China's own brand car sales market share of 29% , maintaining the trend of growth , suggesting that the ability of independent innovation of China's automobile industry has made substantial progress .
In recent years, accelerate the development of China's automobile industry, machine tool consumption has played a huge role in driving. Investment "Thirteen Five" period from the scale of investment in fixed assets , the auto industry "fifth" period was 235 billion yuan investment in fixed assets investment , " Eleventh Five-Year " period will be over 400 billion yuan , the "Eleventh Five-Year" to the reached 150 million yuan , continued rapid growth in fixed assets investment scale laid the foundation for the machine tool consumption . In addition , the introduction of early 2009 , " the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan ," also pointed out that the new central government will invest 10 billion yuan of special funds and key support technological progress and technological innovation in the automobile manufacturing companies during the three-year plan , which means automobile and parts companies will pull corresponding to 2000 invested 100 billion yuan .
According to incomplete statistics, China has just completed a project under construction will increase the annual production capacity of one million sets of engines and hundreds of million vehicle capacity. If Foton Cummins Engine production base , Huatai Automobile Ordos base, production base in southern Foton , Shenyang Mitsubishi engine , Changchun FAW Toyota, Brilliance Auto , Guangzhou Automobile passenger car project , Wuling , Nanjing Automobile and Geely Automobile production base in Changsha has new projects launched an engine or vehicle . In addition , FAW , SAIC , Dongfeng, several domestic car companies plan to expand the 2013 annual production capacity than the current 65%. Changan Automobile engines, Liuzhou Wuling Liuji , Shanghai GM Powertrain several other domestic automobile engine companies in 2013 to expand annual production capacity than the current 60%. All of these new projects will lead to a new machine needs. According to the current investment plans and investment scale , based on empirical data provided by the industry , if according to the average annual investment of 100 billion yuan , accounting for 70% of the equipment , which accounted for 50% of the machine , the machine each year for the automobile industry to provide about 350 billion market .
It is understood that the main machine tool consumption in China's automobile industry is divided into two levels , one for four lines of automobile production , namely stamping, welding, painting and assembly line ; Second, including the engine , transmission, steering system, braking systems, transmission systems, suspension systems, including auto parts processing. Vehicle production four lines need only press line machines, and domestic press line has been fully meet the requirements . The focus of machine tool consumption in the second level, which represents the value of the vehicle equipped with about 70% of all auto parts processing.
Experts have estimated that auto parts processing machine needs to be more than ten times larger than OEMs .
As a core feature of the car, engine machining equipment is one of the most important equipment automotive production . With the new business models to accelerate the vehicle , the engine production line to the requirements of increasingly flexible and strong , usually an engine production line needs to be able to produce at least three models to meet the requirements . Meanwhile, the lightweight vehicle development trend makes the engine block , cylinder head material requirements change from cast iron to aluminum , which is also proposed for the engine machine tools new and higher requirements.
The main component parts of the engine cylinder block , cylinder head , crankshaft , camshaft, connecting rod . Machined parts required for these machines are mostly efficient , high performance, high reliability CNC machine or a dedicated CNC machine tools. Which the cylinder block, cylinder head machining flexible production lines are mostly composed of horizontal machining centers ; crankshaft machining equipment, mainly cars pull machine , the CNC milling or outside the crankshaft milling machine, CNC crankshaft grinder , crankshaft polishing machines ; camshafts is the main processing equipment camshaft CNC lathes, grinders and other camshaft ; while connecting rod processing equipment mostly specialized equipment , such as double-end grinders. These parts are currently processing equipment mostly imported machine tools, they occupy 90% or even 95% of the proportion of China's automobile engine production. In addition, the localization rate of engine production line tool is used does not exceed 10%. This shows that China is not only the automotive industry needs to get rid of the kinds of research and development platform embarrassing situation, in order to reduce manufacturing costs highlight the advantages of domestic cars , more " local" to replace a large number of imported equipment .
According to research on China's Machine Tool Industry Association , the gap between domestic and imported machine tools equipment mainly in three aspects . First, the lack of integrated technology , the lack of the technology systems, logistics systems integration for the flexible manufacturing cell or assembly line techniques ; Second, the reliability and stability of the domestic machine tool to be improved , especially in the automotive mass production of this model, contradiction is especially pronounced ; Third service to users of domestic enterprises still remain in the service stage, and the automotive industry in general require a whole process equipment solutions. These gaps and problems caused by machine tool manufacturers should be sufficient attention .
China's automobile industry is in an unprecedented period of rapid development in the international financial crisis is still showing strong growth potential. The automotive industry has become the subject of machine tool consumption , the relevant analysis that has accounted for 40% of its proportion of the total consumption of machine tools . Machine tool industry should seize the top ten automobile industry in the future development of strategic opportunities, aimed at the development direction of the current car for state encourages and supports small cars , energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy vehicles and other hot items , aimed at the world's automobile manufacturing technology and equipment development of cutting-edge technology that dramatically improves the domestic machine tool market share , and gradually achieve import substitution , and the common development of the domestic auto industry .

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