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1351PE Cutting Plotter

Model: 1351PE Media Width: 1350mm Cutting Width: 1210mm
Max.Cutting Speed: 800mm/s Max Cutting Force: 500g
Media type: Up to 1mm thick self-adhesive film
Warranty" 12 months

  • 1351PE

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  • 1351PE

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Product Parameter

Model 1351PE
Main board 32-bit CPU, 1Mb / 4Mb cache memory
Control panel 2*8LCD, 9-botton physical keyboard
Driver Stepprt motor
Max paper feed width 1350mm
Max cutting width 1210mm
Max cutting speed 800mm/s
Max cutting thickness 1mm
Knife press 10-500g( digital adjustment)
Mechanical resolution 0.0254mm/step
Repeatability 0.127mm
Type of tool Cemented carbide blade
Plotting pen type all types diameter 11.4mm plotter pen
Plotting instruction DMPL / HPGL automatic identification
Interface COM + USB 
Power supply Switching power supply, AC85V-AC264V 50HZ
Operating enviroment Temperature:+5℃ to +35℃, relative temperature 30%-70%
Operating language English
Operatin system Windows XP,Vista,Windows7/Windows8/Windows10
Stand Iron alloy stand 
Warranty 12 months

Product desription

The PE series cutting plotter brings to the customer good quality and cost-effectiveness machines. The business owner can 

start their business at a small cost. 

  • High speed stepper motor with low nosie

  • Real-time adjusting cutting speed and cutting force

  • High-quality aluminum alloy structure to ensure a long service life

  • The optical eye is optional which support to do semi-auto contour cutting

Whats Included

  • 1351PE cutter * 1 unit

  • Standard cemented carbide blade * 1 box 

  • Blade holder * 1 pc

  • Pen holder * 1 pc

  • Drive CD * 1 pc

  • 1.5m USB cable * 1 pc

  • 1.8m COM cable * 1 pc

  • Power cord * 1 pc

  • Stand * 1 set


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