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Kaxing Technical Service Project
1. Design reasonable process for customers according to their product positioning;
2. Help customers carry out technical transformation of the entire process, improve their production efficiency and capacity;
3. Design customized CNC engraving machine configuration and other production equipment for customers; provide equipment accessories for equipment application enterprises.
4. Help customers to test, test and analyze the new processing technology, and put forward reasonable suggestions and improvement plans.
5. Improve the customer's operation level on the application of numerical control equipment; train the ability of equipment operation and use to improve customer application efficiency.
6. Train design software staff for customers, and provide customers with special graphics software design.
7. Provide customers with processing services for special products.
8. Provide professional technical application designers for equipment application customers.
9. Provide related technical consultation and equipment maintenance, maintenance and repair services for customers.
After sales service
• Free on-site installation and commissioning.
• 24-hour service hotline. Call back every month to provide you with guidance and answers for free.
• Lifetime maintenance of the equipment. Under normal use, the equipment is guaranteed for one year free of charge.
• The time from the failure report to the completion of maintenance processing, not more than 72 hours
• Provide you with free onsite maintenance once a year.
• Comprehensive and systematic technical training to ensure you master the equipment operation technology correctly
Training mechanism
Day 1: Visit the production workshop and talk about the working principle of the equipment and related precautions. Arrange meals and accommodation and distribute learning materials.
Day 2: Observe and learn the operation and use of the engraving machine, and learn the application of file programming software.
Day 3: Application of reinforcement learning programming software, ARTCAM, TYPE3.
Day 4: Use programming software to make engraving files, operate the machine in practice, and process samples.
Day 5: Learn the common fault identification and troubleshooting techniques of equipment, and learn to maintain and maintain.
Day 6: Assessment of academic performance.

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