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No.316 Yuping Road, Economic Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province
Hefei Kaxing CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 316 Yuping South Road, Economic Development Zone, Hefei, China
Switchboard: 0551-63843905 ~ 909
Fax: 0551-63627771
cutting plotter salesperson
Angel Yang
Tel/wechat: +86 13515643931
cutting plotter salesperson
 Lily xu
Tel/wechat:+86 18056571787
cutting plotter salesperson
Jerry fang
Tel/wechat: + 86 18326007892
Email: sales07@cnjinka.com
cutting plotter salesperson
Gary Tang
Tel/wechat: +86 13721110744
cutting plotter salesperson
Leon chu
Tel/wechat: +86  18326009027
Email: sales04@cnjinka.com
Cutting machine technical service hotline:
Contact: Ms Zhong
Phone: +86 18326024360

Tel: 0551-63843905- 8029
CNC router salesperson
Ray Peng
Tel/wechat: +86 13635691962
CNC router salesperson
Kevin He
Tel/wechat: +86 13635691387
Engraving machine technical service hotline:
Contact: Mr Zhang 
Phone: +86 13515641310     and 
  +86 18010880954
Tel: 0551-63843905- 8088
Complaints and major domestic and foreign joining hotlines:
General Manager: He Daoguo
Phone:+86  13855169219


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