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Daily maintenance of screw engraving machine

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One,Machine maintenance

In order to keep the parts of the engraving machine in good condition all the time, it is very important to adhere to regular maintenance. Many hidden troubles can be eliminated in the bud to prevent vicious accidents. The requirements for daily maintenance of different types of engraving machines are not exactly the same, but generally include the following aspects:
Maintain a good lubrication state, regularly check and clean the lead screw, add or replace grease and oil, so that the moving parts such as the lead screw and nut are always kept in a good lubricating state to reduce the wear rate of the machine.

Machine maintenance list

Serial numberinspection cycleCheck partsInspection requirements
1every dayCarving machine tableClean up the countertop
2every dayXShaft dustproof paperKeep dust paper moving smoothly
3every dayConnect the cablesCheck whether the cables are plugged tightly and whether they are damaged
4every daycontrol boxCheck the control box fan for wind
5weeklyXShaft screwOpen the dustproof paper and clean the lead screw.
6weeklyYShaft screwGrease after cleaning the lead screw
7IrregularCheck computer antivirusDefragment in time
8per monthZShaft screwturn onZShaft dustproof paper, refuel after cleaning the lead screw
9IrregularScrew nutCheck the screw of the screw
10Half a yearFloating spindleCheck the motor carbon bolt

2. Maintenance of computer and control box
If the computer and control box are too dirty and dusty, it will affect the normal operation of the engraving machine. Too much dust in the computer box may burn out the computer interface card, making the control panel unusable; the control box is too dirty, and a short circuit may burn the driver. It must be cleaned regularly to keep the motherboard and all kinds of cards ventilated and dry.

Third, the maintenance of the spindle motor
In order to enable longer and more stable use of the spindle motor, the following points should be noted:
1. Refuel regularly to keep the bearings lubricated.
2. No water should enter the motor.
3. Keep bearings clean.
Do not work for a long time under the condition of high speed and strong resistance.

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