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GH CCD Camera Automatic Contour Cutting Plotter Series


Product Description

Large LCD screen, highly sensitive mechanical buttons, easy to operate, intelligent and user-friendly,

Brand servo motor, low noise, fast speed, steel roller, aluminum carriage with CCD, high accuracy.
High-definition camera, automatic contour cutting, multi-marks positioning, segment patrol, automatic calibration,
Automatic fan-suction table system with higher scanning accuracy,
Using multiple sets of pressure roller to ensure that the machine's paper feeding 7 meters without deviation,
Scan QR code to identify USB flash disk files,

Professional integrated circuits, using universal engraving languages, support various mainstream software in the market.


Product Paramenters

Modle GH491 GH721 GH1351

Max.material width
490mm 720mm 1350mm

Max.cutting width
370mm 600mm 1230mm

Pinch roller
3 4 6

Main board
ARMS mainboard
Carrige Aluminum casting carriage with camera

Contour cutting type
Auto contour
Cutting precision +0.02mm
Feeding accuracy 7m
Drive motor Servo motor
Stand Stand with basket
Speed 1200mm/s
Force 800g
Roller  steel roller
Interface USB+U-disk+TCP
Software Anycut(pro)/Signmaster(Pro)/Sign cut
Command HPGL
Input voltage 100-120V/200-240V
Packing size 790*350*370mm 1000*340*430mm 1630*345*430mm
Operating system WindowsXP/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10/MAC

压轮组合 Pinch roller

All-in-one pinch rollers, offer enough pressure.

GH720 支架 侧面 Normal stand

A normal stand will be included in the package of the machine

开关 Power switch

3 in 1 power switch, more safety.



USB 2.0+USB flash disk+TCP port.

It allows to work with the computer by a USB cable, or offline work by a U disk, TCP port allows several computer in one LAN to control the machine.


The fan-suction system

The Fan-suction system make sure that the machine feeding the material more smoothly and cut 7 meters stright line without deviation.



Carriage includes a HD camera which can scan mark point and QR code very  precision.





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