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Mini Word Processing Center

  • MW-2513R-6T

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    • product information
    • Name: Automatic tool change machining center
    • Brand: Dream Chaser
    • Article number: ATC-1325P-8T
    • Color: white + violet
    • Platform: Vacuum adsorption platform
    • Tool magazine: 8 knives in line
    • Structure: dry plate welding platform
    • Motor: Yaskawa servo motor
    • Guide rail: imported straight
    • Transmission: three-axis screw
    • Scope of application
    • Decoration industry: shop windows, aluminum-plastic panels, decorative materials, middle-layer boards;

    • Advertising industry: copper, aluminum, acrylic, etc.


◆ This mini word machine is currently the most popular high-gloss machine on the market. All the accessories adopt advanced configuration, which is especially suitable for processing acrylic (PMMA). ◆ This mini word machine uses a welding platform and the corbel is welded with high-thickness steel plate. Effectively ensure the speed of the machine and the stability of processing; ◆ Three-axis adopts Taiwan imported linear guide rails, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and high accuracy; ◆ The entire series is equipped with a standard lubricating oil circuit system for centralized lubrication. Reduce the customer's maintenance workload on the machine and greatly extend the service life of the guide rail. ◆ Selected high-speed, constant-power frequency-converted spindles with good performance, high torque and high efficiency; ◆ Excellent components: Taiwan's new generation system, using Yaskawa servo drive system , High torque and perfect safety system; Three-axis imported ball screw drive, accurate lower knife, faster speed and better stability; ◆ XY direction is a large modulus rack and pinion drive with a maximum idle speed of 40m / min , And the use of a screw to reduce noise during high-speed operation; ◆ high-adhesion vacuum adsorption device, the vacuum adsorption table is divided into six processing areas, can be single-zone processing or simultaneous processing, has improved processing efficiency; ◆ in-line automatic change Tool system, tool magazine capacity 6 (tool diameter optional) ◆ Good software compatibility, compatible with type3 / Artcam / CAXA / UG / Pro-E / Mastercam / Wentai.

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    Operation interface

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    In-line tool magazine

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    Steel plate welding platform

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    Vacuum suction table



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