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JK-1315D (two for four)

  • JK-1315D (two for four)

◆ Gold card Sirius series engraving machine is the most advanced new embossing model on the market at present, all accessories adopt top configuration, especially suitable for processing all kinds of classic mahogany furniture complex relief;

◆ The beam adopts the reinforced overall cast aluminum structure, which effectively ensures the machine's fast running speed and low noise;

◆ With functions such as power cut, automatic tool setting, path simulation display, etc .;

◆ Imported linear guide: Four rows of steel ball sliders are uniformly stressed, high-strength and high-quality steel rails ensure mechanical accuracy and wear resistance, and have a longer service life than circular guides10Times

◆ Sturdy bed and beam: integral casting, sturdy and durable, will not deform for many years;

◆ The whole machine uses finite element to analyze the force of each component, which can maximize the potential of each component;

◆ Imported servo system, high engraving accuracy, can work continuously for a long time, and has the function of automatic shutdown for failure alarm;

◆ Using a unique intelligent prediction algorithm to give full play to the driving potential to achieve high-speed machining, curved straight lines, and smoother curves;

◆ Compatible with any advanced in the worldCAMsoftware:Type3 /Artcam/ CAXA / UG / Pro-E /Mastercam/ JD /Wentai et al.

Technical Parameters:

Product number

Drive System Panasonic AC Servo
Platform size 1300 × 1500mm
Feed height 180mm
Idling speed 15m / min
Processing speed 10m / min
Spindle power 800W ~ 2.2KW frequency conversion water-cooled motor
Spindle speed 6000~24000 rpm / min
Operating Voltage AC220V / 50Hz
Carving tool ¢ 3.175 / 4 / 6mm
file format G code / HPGL
positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm
Repeatability ± 0.02mm
Control System Nc studio system

Scope of application:

Mahogany classical furniture, European-style white wood furniture, antique furniture carving, European-style furniture, wood carving crafts, cabinet doors, Buddhist altars, birthday boxes, bamboo and wooden crafts, gift wooden boxes, mahogany jewelry boxes, buns, embossed craft signs, photo frames, craft gifts , Table tennis rackets, toy gifts, architectural models, decoration industry, decorative products, advertising signs, signs, crystal characters, plastic light boxes, electrical equipment panels, moon cake molds and other processing. Processing of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.


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