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◆ Use imported ball screw, high precision indexing head, large clamping diameter, can adapt to different specifications of cylindrical materials;
◆ National patent box column;

◆ High-precision drive system;
Adopt unique intelligent prediction algorithm to give full play to the driving potential to achieve high-speed machining, curved straight lines, and smoother curves;
Using breakpoint memory to ensure that processing can be continued in the event of an accident (knife break, power failure) or the next day;
Strong compatibility, compatibleType3 /Artcam/ CAXA / UG / Pro-E /Mastercam/Wentai et al.

Technical Parameters:

Product number


Processing length


Chuck specifications


Idling speed

15m / min

Processing speed

10m / min

Spindle power

800w~2.2KW frequency conversion water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

6000~24000 rpm / min

Operating Voltage

AC220V / 50Hz

Carving tool

¢ 3.175 / 4 / 6mm

file format

G code / HPGL

positioning accuracy

± 0.03mm


± 0.02mm

Control System

Nc studio system

Scope of application:

European-style Roman columns, antique mahogany furniture, drum stools, pen holders, writing brushes, chopsticks, moso bamboo crafts, three-dimensional crafts, jewelry gift pendants, various cylindrical product processing.

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