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Imported linear rectangular guide rail with strong bearing capacity, stable operation and high accuracy;

The entire series is equipped with a lubricating oil system as standard for centralized lubrication. Reduce the customer's maintenance workload on the machine and greatly extend the service life of the guide rail;

ZThe shaft uses imported high-precision anti-backlash ball screws to ensure more accurate positioning accuracy during engraving and relief;

Using breakpoint memory to ensure that processing can be continued in the event of an accident (knife break, power failure) or the next day;

Gantry type movement, the overall structure of the bed body is sturdy and durable, and will not deform for a long time;

Multiple spindles can be processed simultaneously,Can also be used alone,Several times the processing efficiency of a single head machine;

This series of machines adopts rack drive, which is fast, powerful, and cost-effective;

National patent box-type column;

Compatible with any advanced CAM software in the world:Type3 /Artcam/ CAXA / UG / Pro-E /Mastercam/Wentai et al.

Technical Parameters:

Product number

Platform size 1300 × 2500mm
Feed height 200mm
Idling speed

20m / min

Processing speed 10m / min
Spindle power 800W ~ 3.0KW frequency conversion water-cooled spindle
Spindle speed 6000 ~ 24000 rpm / min
Operating Voltage AC220V / 50Hz or AC380V / 50Hz
Carving tool ¢ 3.175 / 4/6 / 12.7mm
file format G code / HPGL
positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm
Repeatability ± 0.02mm
Control System Nc studio system

Scope of application:

Mahogany classic furniture, white wood European furniture, antique furniture carving, screen cutout, solid wood door, craft wooden door, paint-free door, cabinet door, craft window, various tables, sofas, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, wave board, decoration and decoration , Computer tables, mahjong tables, office furniture, musical instruments, wooden speakers, sewing machine countertops, electrical cabinet panels, sports equipment advertising signs, sign production, acrylic cutting, plastic light boxes, curtain wall production, aluminum processing Processing of non-ferrous metal molds such as copper and composite plates.


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